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Our #WCW, Rebekah Gregory DiMartino, is one courageous and strong mother, wife & citizen of the world. On April 15, 2013, as she stood at the finish line of the #BostonMarathon her life was forever changed. Sadly, she became one of over 260 people who were injured as a result of the 2 bombs that exploded. She sustained significant injuries, endured over 35 surgeries & eventually had her left leg amputated. Rebekah would not be defeated and would not remain a victim to the senseless act of hate. In 2014 after learning she would lose her leg, Rebekah vowed to run in the 2015 Boston Marathon with her prosthetic leg. Since then she’s been focused on doing just that. She spends about 4 hrs everyday in training & rehabbing & is well on her way to fulfilling her goal. She’s such an inspiration!!  


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