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Get Your Bossy Breakthrough


Living your best life and excelling at your goals is a realistic and achievable plan, but no one said it would come easily. Distractions, disappointments, and roadblocks will come from unexpected places, but it doesn’t have to dismantle your goals. Here are some things I suggest to help with your game plan of making boss-like breakthroughs:

  1. Find Your Tribe

Support systems are some of the most power tools we can access. It is so important to be in contact with those you know are going to uplift you and see your opinion as valuable. These are also the people who want to hear about your successes and struggles. As strong intelligent women we can often reject the need for validation, but the reality is we all like and need to hear words of affirmation from time to time. Start by thinking of the 5 closest people to you and try calling at least one person per week. If you are at a place in life where you are trying to build your tribe start going to places with people with similar interests to develop a strong support system over time. This can greatly impact your drive and motivation to keep going when times get tough.

  1. Write It Down and Make It Happen

Writing things down matters more than you may think. Making short to-do list for daily goals is just as important as developing your 5-year, 10-year, and life goals. When you write something down you are more likely to remember it, and therefore have a better chance of making it happen. You may choose to create a list, journal, use a white board, etc. I suggest writing down your victories, big and small. This can remind you how much of a boss woman you already are and serve as a reminder that you can and will push through.

  1. Network-work-work-work-work

Networking is important because it gives you a chance to show the world all the work you are doing. It also gives you opportunity to be inspired by those around you who are doing great things. The people you meet while networking may also give you advice on your next move. Many times our breakthroughs are a result of preparation meets opportunity. Putting yourself in the right situations and around ambitious people is an excellent way to make breakthroughs happen. Attending networking events and connecting via social media are a couple ways to start networking.

  1. Figure out your strengths, then work on your weaknesses

It can be easy to identify our strengths. It is not as easy to identify our weaknesses. All people with boss-like behavior know that self-improvement is always something to work on even when you feel like you have reached your peak. No matter what goals you have set for yourself being committed to those goals means continuing to make the improvements needed to better yourself.


Following these tips are a great start to make the breakthroughs you have been waiting for come to fruition. Seeing immediate changes won’t happen over night. With the right amount of dedication and positive affirmations you can achieve the boss breakthroughs you have been hoping for.


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