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Three Things About Purpose

Each of us has a purpose for being on this earth. If you discover that purpose, you unlock your ability to truly transform this world and live a complete life. You are uniquely designed to fulfill that purpose and all of your experiences (good and bad) exist to drive you closer to fulfilling that purpose, if you let them. Those are big ifs. There’s no guarantee that you will ever discover or walk in your purpose. In fact, many people never do. Sure, many will have jobs that pay their bills and allow them to have fun with their family and friends. But that doesn’t mean they are fulfilling their purpose. is here to help you find and walk in your purpose; to fulfill the calling you were placed here for.

One of the keys to walking in your purpose is identifying what purpose actually is and what it isn’t. People get stuck in ruts because they really don’t have a good idea about what purpose is really all about. So before we begin to discover your individual purpose, let’s start our journey by defining purpose. After all, you can’t really find something if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

No. 1 Purpose isn’t just your job; it’s bigger than that

Many people have the misunderstanding that their job is their purpose. While your job can be a reflection of your purpose, oftentimes your purpose is much larger than your job. Your job is a tool to effectuate that purpose.* Your purpose is what you were designed to do and is transferrable to different aspects of your life and different careers. Take me for instance, by trade I am an attorney and an entrepreneur. My purpose is to empower those around me to reach their full potential. I empower my clients to start businesses, defend themselves and discover their own calling. If I no longer wanted to run my own business or practice law, I could empower others as a teacher, a volunteer or in some other capacity. My purpose is transferrable.

Your job can also serve as a platform to walking in your purpose. Jackie Joyner-Kersee is one of the greatest athletes this world has seen. She set records, won medals and earned a comfortable living for herself and family. What she is most proud of about her career; however, is that it served as a platform for her to walk in her purpose to be an activist for the less fortunate. Through her foundation, Joyner-Kersee has raised over $12 million for the benefit of underserved children. While her career as an athlete was never meant to last forever, it afforded her the opportunity to walk in her purpose that will be felt long after she leaves this earth.


No. 2 Purpose isn’t just about you; it’s bigger than you.

Whatever your purpose is, it isn’t just about you. While you find significant personal fulfillment when you operate in your purpose, the impact of walking in your purpose extends beyond you. Your purpose calls on you use your innate traits and talents to touch and enhance the lives of others. It may come in the shape of you creating something new, encouraging others, providing healing, being supportive, teaching or entertaining, for instance. But whatever shape it takes, your purpose calls you to fill some void in the lives of others will simultaneously bringing personal satisfaction.

No. 3 It’s not easy; it takes work.

Your purpose comes out of things that come naturally to you, but it takes work to reveal those things and allow them to manifest good works. Walking in your purpose requires that you spend time reflecting on yourself; that you identify your strengths and weaknesses. It takes time and effort to minimize distractions and to overcome obstacles. Purpose takes works, but its rewards are worth it. Unless you are willing to put in that personal work, your purpose will evade you.

While everyone has a unique purpose, purpose is the same for everyone. It is a calling on your life to use your innate traits to have an impact on this world. In it you find personal fulfillment and a response from society. Your purpose fills a void and leaves a legacy long after you leave this place. Do you know what your purpose is? And if you know it, are you walking in it? If the answer to either of these questions is “no,” click here to sign up for our newsletter. We’ll help you discover that purpose and live your fullest life.

*This is not to say that no one has a purpose that is inextricably tied to a career or a task. There are absolutely people whose purpose and career are one. Just know that for a very large subset of people, their purpose is transferrable and can be manifested in many different areas.


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