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In addition to being a Bison, I’m a Bruin through and through.  As such, I tend to refrain from giving rival schools much attention or credibility; I like to act like the Pirates and the Trojans really don’t exist.  But as much pride as I take in being a graduate of Howard University and the University of California Los Angeles, School of Law, I also take pride in giving credit where credit is due.  So it gives me great, great pleasure to give the women of the University of Southern California a huuuuuuge shout out for being members of the best athletic program in the country.

USC Football defeats the Colorado Buffalos 21-17 on October 8th 2016

Remember way back in January when I talked to the legendary Candace Parker about how legendary she is and about the Capital One Cup? It was great. Be sure to check it out.  As a reminder, every year Capital One awards a Cup and a large chunk of scholarship money to each of the best men’s and women’s Division-I college athletics programs in the country.  A few days ago, on October 8th at the Colorado v. USC game, about 200 Women of Troy took the field to claim the Capital One Cup and a fat scholarship check in the amount of $200,000 for being the best student-athletes for the 2015-2016 season.   Points toward the Capital One Cup are based on final standings of NCAA Championships and final official coaches’ polls, so these ladies really are the best student-athletes the country has to offer.


Congratulations to the Women of Troy and thanks for showing us what it looks like to be gladiators and GladiatHers® at the same time! Keep up with the current standings for the Capital One Cup here and follow the Women of Troy here.

Images by John McGillen.


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