Get Off Her Areola

Ladies, let’s stop throwing shade at women who live their lives differently than we do. You don’t wear makeup? Cool. Don’t throw digs at the women who spend about an hour to do theirs. You love makeup? Do you, but don’t look sideways at the girl who grabs chapstick and walks out the door. You weave it up? Good for you, and good for the girls who are bundle free. You rock your hair au naturale with nothing but coconut oil and avocado? Go girl! But it should be two snaps for the chicks who rock the creamy crack too! It’s all about personal preference. You ain’t betta than the next chick because you choose to present yourself to the world in a different way than she does. The girl in the mini-skirt and knee highs is no more or less beautiful than the girl in the chin-high shirt and ankle length skirt. It’s the inside that counts. THAT is what we should be focusing on…uplifting and encouraging our inner woman. #GetOffHerAreola