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GladiatHer® Gifts: What to Get the GladiatHers® in Your Life

Black Friday is upon us, Christmas is right around the corner and we all know how stressful this time of year can be. Long lines, expensive gifts and extreme uncertainty on what to buy all seem to be the main issues for most of us. Luckily, we’ve created the perfect guide to Christmas shopping for the GladiatHers® in you life. These gifts can be given to female athletes, coaches, fans or executives you may know or even the ones you’re trying to get to know.

Athletes & Active Women

As a current athlete, I’m always pressed with the question, “What do you want for Christmas?” I get it, it can be difficult shopping for female athletes. So I’ve curated a list of gifts that are great for active women, not just for athletes:


Sports Bras and Spandex: These are essential for every female athlete and without them they won’t be able to perform. P.S., the Nike ones are the best.

Where: All major sports apparel stores. How much: $20-25 each

Headbands: Yes we are GladiatHers®, but we still have to look cute and keep our hair back. You can buy these from any sports apparel store.

Where: Nike, Dicks, Footlocker, Adidas, and Under Amour online or in store. How much: $15-20


Running Shoes: If you know this athlete is a runner, assume that they’ve been through a few of these. You can keep it simple and cheap, or go high end- your choice.

Where: Nike, Dicks, Kohl’s, Foot Locker, Running Store, Road Runner. How much: $50-130


Armband Phone Cases: Nothing is more annoying than holding your phone or feeling your phone bouncing in your pocket as you take a quick run through the neighborhood so armband cases are cheap but very useful. Make sure you get the case that fits with their phone or someone will be making a return.

Where: Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Dicks. How much: $5-10


Dri-Fit Pullovers: These half zips are becoming more and more popular and it’s because they’re stylish and thin. You can wear it for any occasion and they’re perfect for those spring afternoons. A little pricy if you want to go the Nike route- the best route.

Where: Nike, Dicks, Foot Locker, Finish Line. How much: $60-75


Coaches dedicate countless hours of their lives to aid in the success of their players.  Show them how much you appreciate their sacrifices with any one of these great gift ideas:


Agility Cones: It doesn’t matter which sport they coach, all coaches will be grateful for these. Some cones are fancier and more expensive than others but let’s not complicate things. Just get the regular orange cones.

Where: Dicks, Walmart. How much: $10-15

Gift card (with clipping paths)

Gift Cards: Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts: One thing about coaches is that they are always on the move and don’t get a lot of sleep. If they enjoy coffee, get them something that will keep them up on those long road trips and for those earlier than early practices.


Coaching Books: Coaches, especially female ones, are always trying to learn. Coaches will always be the first ones to admit they don’t know everything. Get them a quick read book to help them find some inspiration or ideas to apply to their teams.

Where: Amazon, Barnes and Noble. How much: Prices will vary.


World’s Greatest Coach Mugs: Just something to make them feel like they’re doing a good job: a pat on the back mug.

Where: Café Press. How much: $9-14


Engraved Whistles: Every coach needs a whistle, but don’t spend too much money on this- coaches lose whistles as frequently as they lose their tempers. This gift is for our fiery GladiatHer® coaches who are quick to put their players on the line. Oh, and get it engraved- who doesn’t like engraved gifts?

Where: Personalization Mall. How much: $14-16


For the GladiatHers® who don’t get in the game, but love to watch from the sidelines, hand them either one of these and you’ll definitely get a huge thank you:


Tickets: Every die-hard fan wants to be able to go to a game and not pay for a ticket. The only problem is, our GladiatHer® fans are very busy and might not be able to make it to the game you picked. This is a tricky gift, but if things work out, the recipient will be very delighted.

Where: Stub Hub, Ticket Master. How much: Prices will vary.


Fan Apparel: This is the easiest route to go if you know your relative, friend or coworker reps a team very hard. Try to get them something simple like a t shirt or a key chain. Try not to buy them something you’ve already seen them in. Also, when in doubt about the size, always go a size above what you may think. Clothes do shrink but they don’t grow.

Where: League websites,, Footlocker.  How much: Prices will vary.

Happy shopping and happier holidays!


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