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GladiatHer to Watch

Is fishing a sport? Ask April Vokey, the first lady of fly fishing, and she’d give you an unequivocal, Y-E-S.  World-class fly-fisher, business woman and beauty, Vokey has taken the sport by storm.  Since catching her first fish at the age of three, Vokey has been passionate about fishing and has made it her life’s mission to share her love for the sport with the world.  Through her guiding operation, Fly Gal Ventures, Vokey introduces the masses to the world of angling.  While Vokey originally started Fly Gal to increase the participation of women in the male-dominated sport, her business has quickly become a go-to for women, men, boys and girl fishers of all experience levels.  When Vokey isn’t guiding groups along rivers in British Columbia in search of steelheads and salmon, she is traveling the world, speaking, writing, and appearing on television in pursuit of living out her dream as a professional fly-fisher.  Vokey is a shining example of just what women can do in sport, making her today’s GladiatHer to Watch. 

Follow her on twitter @AprilVokey and check out Fly Gal Ventures at


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