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GladiatHer® Wives: Samantha “DJ Spinvixen” Romantini Bethea

Today we’re merging two of our classic features, GladiatHer® Wives and GladiatHer® Crush Wednesday, to introduce you to one outstanding woman. She’s a dedicated wife and mother, an entrepreneur and philanthropist and can make a party turn 0 to 100, real quick. To top that all off, she’s a proud graduate of the Real HU. Meet New Jersey’s own, Samantha Romantini Bethea aka DJ Spinvixen…

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

My name is Samantha, I am from Sicklerville, New Jersey and I was born to an Italian father & black mother. My sister Heather and I were raised by two hard working parents, both of whom are now deceased.  I went to Overbrook Senior High School in Pine Hill, NJ and received my Bachelor’s degree in International Business & Marketing from Howard University.  I also earned a certification in Audio Engineering at the Institute for Audio Research in New York. I’m married to Antoine Bethea and he is a safety in the NFL.  He just signed a new deal with the Arizona Cardinals after spending three years with the San Francisco 49ers and, prior to that, eight years with the Indianapolis Colts. We have two children, Siani, 3, and Asaiah, 1, who we call “Ace.”

I’m sorry for the loss of your parents. How have you coped with that while raising a young family?

I never imagined the life I live now.  You could’ve never told me that I would ever live in the midwest in Indiana, let alone California.  I never thought I would marry someone of celebrity status.  I’ve had a lot of crazy twists and turns to my life’s story and it’s been pretty difficult to matriculate without my parents but my faith is strong and I’ve learned so much about myself and life.  I wouldn’t trade my life’s experiences for the world.


I’m sure your parents are extremely proud of the woman you’ve become. The woman you’ve become is very busy in fact.

Yes, I am. Following my passions keeps me busy! I am very passionate about my family and watching my kids grow and thrive.  I am also focused on self-growth and pursuing full-force the things that set my soul on fire. One of those things is DJ’ing.  It’s been a passion of mine since my days at Howard.  The stars have finally aligned to allow me to pursue this passion full force, to earn a living off of it. I am also involved in a few business ventures with my husband.  We are part owners of two juice bars in Indiana and we hope to keep expanding.  We are also considering investing in a barre studio. I am currently studying to become certified in group fitness instruction and I have hopes of really finding my niche and possibly owning my own gym in the future.

If Sam the entrepreneur is anywhere as lit as DJ Spinvixen, I know you’re mogul in the making. You’re also a former student-athlete. How do you think that has impacted your success today?

I played soccer, ran track and played basketball growing up.  I earned a scholarship at Howard to play my first love, soccer. Sports have been my teacher and therapist.  I have learned so much about being a team player and a leader.  I say sports have been my therapist because they have always been there for me.  Playing sports have been my release when I needed one. I wasn’t a great communicator growing up so I channeled my emotions into the game or meet.  Sports has kept me out of trouble and for sure validated me on many levels.  Playing sports gave me an early sense of responsibility and accountability.


As a former athlete and mother to a daughter, why is it important for girls and women to be involved in sports?

There is a confidence that brews in us when we are physically strong and can play a sport well.  I can’t lie and say I didn’t have a little bit of an ego just because I knew I was good and I took pride in my play and talent.  Luckily, I learned humility early.  Today we are pressured by outside influences to fit aesthetic and behavioral molds.  Without a strong sense of self it can be easy to fall prey to the influences and lose what makes us special and unique.  The confidence you get from engaging in sports and being on a team can help us stand up to those pressures.

In line with confidently breaking the mold, do you feel you’re breaking any molds?

People think that professional athletes’ wives are entitled and are only interested in leading a champagne lifestyle of frivolous spending and no real responsibility.  That’s not me. I am keen on keeping our lives as low-key as possible, as if we were that middle class family my husband and I both grew up in.  What I’m focused on is touching peoples’ lives in any way I can.  Whoever I meet, young or old, I just want to make a difference in them even if it’s for a moment.  People make the world go around so if I can infect everyone I meet with positivity and good influence, that may carry far and make a huge impact down the line.

You’re certainly doing that. How do you hope to continue along that path?

I think growing as a business woman will allow me to do that. In the next 5-10 years I certainly see myself owning more businesses.  I will still be DJ’ing and want to be working in group and personal fitness and by then.

Right now, it’s difficult for me to get involved in the community as much as I would like with our kids being so little and moving around as much as we do. But Antoine and I are very keen on giving back.  While with the 49ers we engaged in numerous community events, including donating $1000 each to 10 families who were in need around the holidays. So I hope to get back on track with that as time goes on as well.


You have a lot of really amazing things going on. How can people keep up with you and book you for their next party?      

On Instagram and Twitter I’m DJSpinvixen. On Facebook I’m Samantha Romantini Bethea and to book me visit,

Thank you so much for chatting with us! We can’t wait to watch you to continue to grow as a wife, mother, DJ and business mogul! 


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