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GladiatHers® Spotlight: Liana Louie – Diversity, Equity Strategist and Sports Philanthropist

As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month we want to highlight one of our very own GladiatHers® Tribe members, Liana Louie. Our Spotlight of the month is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion! A graduate from Oregon State University where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship, and a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Policy with a Certificate in Long Term Care, Louie has used her education and experience to make an impact in the sports world and beyond. A life long learner Louie also earned a Certificate in Leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from Northwestern University and a Certificate in Sports Essentials from Colombia University.

A current free agent, Louie has experience in just about anything you can think of. From diversity, equity and inclusion to event planning, you name it! Louie has served as a DEI consultant for the Pipeline for Change Foundation, and on the Chi Omega National DEI Special Committee. Additionally, she has served in various roles including as a DEI Regional Lead and HRC for Nordstrom, CFP Ambassador for the San Francisco 49ers and Account Executive with the San Jose Giants, just to name a few.

It doesn’t stop there this GladiatHer is a go getter, with many side hustles! You can find her on Instagram @butmakeitFANshion, sharing different size inclusive game day style, food and other Sports Fandom tricks and tips. You can also catch her helping professional athletes with philanthropic efforts in the community. Interesting enough you may also catch her on the waters because she has her Boating License! Another fun fact about this month’s spotlight is not only has she worked in sports, she was a Division 1 Athlete at the University of Portland in Track and Field and served on the Board of Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Liana Louie is passionate and driven, a GladiatHer in her own right. To learn more about and connect with Louie you can find her on LinkedIn at

You can also check her out on this latest project where she participated in an

AAPI Panel with San Francisco Giants Manager, Gabe Kapler for P4C


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