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GladiatHers® Tribe Launches to Unite Women Who Influence the Sports World and Beyond

Recently unemployed, battling depression and broken. That’s how I showed up to the 2020 GladiatHers® Women in Sports Empowerment Summit. When life is hard and you can’t see past tomorrow, sometimes all you need to do is show up. By attending the GladiatHers® Summit, I was showing up for myself in a way that wouldn’t come full circle until almost a year later.

The summit was my opportunity to put myself out there to connect and engage with other women in sport. Nervous, and unsure of how the experience would go, I put on a brave face as I walked into the event. The moment I walked in, the atmosphere was friendly and inviting. Everyone was cheerful and I could tell I was in for a good time! From the first speaker to the final mixer at the end of the night, the whole time I was overcome by gratitude.

With every interaction, each workshop, I felt myself gaining more confidence and hope; for my future, for the future of women in sports. Dealing with self-doubt, insecurities and working through a difficult transition, I talked myself out of attending the summit several times. The GladiatHers® Summit was just what I needed. The summit reminded me that I can and am meant to thrive in this space. It also encouraged me and reminded me of the goodness in people. The whole experience was a moment of reawakening. I left the summit feeling fulfilled and strengthened. THIS is what happens when empowered women, empower women.

A year later and I feel honored to be a part of the GladiatHers® Tribe. When women support each other there is no limit to what we can accomplish. GladiatHers® Tribe is a place where you can feel supported, celebrated and appreciated. A community that unites the women who influence the sports world and beyond. GladiatHers® Tribe is a space for women in sports to build and grow our network, engage in professional development and personal growth and to be inspired and empowered by one another.

Here we share our stories, experiences and ideas. Where passion and purpose meet sisterhood. We go further when we have a tribe behind us.


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