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Google Partners with the WNBA to Help Champion Women Sports

The tech giant joins Nike, Deloitte, and AT&T, as the latest member of the WNBA Changemakers partnership platform. The program was designed to provide direct support to the league in its ongoing business transformation across marketing, branding, and player and fan experience.

With a goal to increase viewership, the multiyear deal will allow Google to serve as presenting sponsor for key league events including the WNBA Playoffs. Google’s name will appear on a branded SportsCenter segment, events hosted by espnW and several “30 for 30” documentary films. They will also work with the league to develop innovative marketing campaigns, community driven programming, and new. Interactive product experiences.

As more brands show support for the WNBA this creates more opportunity for the league and women sports in general. With only 4% of TV sports coverage and less than 1% of sponsorship dedicated to women’s sports, this is a big deal. What better way to increase visibility than by teaming up with one of the top tech companies in the world!

This is not Google’s first time supporting women sports, just last year they sponsored the NWSL Challenge Cup. In advance of the WNBA season opener this year Google unveiled a cool feature. See for yourself! Type in WNBA in the google search bar for a surprise!

Google’s CMO said it best, “The WNBA has been at the forefront of progress for gender equity, racial justice, and sport as a whole, And with ESPN as the leading platform for sports coverage, they are at the forefront of telling stories that need to be heard.” The three year partnership among the league, Google, ESPN, Nike, Deloitte, and AT&T looks very promising. Hopefully more brands will wake up and see the benefit in supporting not only the WNBA, but all women in sports.


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