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Nike Creates New App for Young Women

Nike is expanding further into social media with a new app targeting Gen Z women “dedicated to sport, style, and self-care”. Nike recently created an Instagram page for Nothing but Gold, with the website currently in the works. The leading sportswear retailer is offering potential users a chance to participate in the build up by DM’ing or emailing NbG. NbG will serve as an “experimental Nike project built by a passionate team with a simple idea: we believe you deserve to have a say in the products you buy”.

This new app is said to be a “perfect concoction of TikTok, Highsnobiety, NTWRK & more” by Zoe Scaman, founder of strategy studio Bodacious. Michelle Goad, Innovation Leader at Nike is leading the charge with this new project. “It’s time to redefine what ‘Just Do It’ really means". Brands are waking up to the power and influence of women, giving them a voice and platform to do more.

The Nothing but Gold app will feature pictures of women in Nike gear, and a section called “Introducing Women at Nike” which will include a segment hosted by Kelly Cooper Krone discussing current events. It will also feature affirmations focused on girls who ‘Just Do It’ their way. With the growth of Nike women’s product this past year Nike is well on its way to turning its women’s fitness category into an $11 billion empire. Nike is bringing us sports, shopping, self-care and style in a new way while championing women, we love to see it!

To learn more about the new app and tell Nike why you're "Nothing But Gold"for a chance to build the future them, you can check them out on Instagram or


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