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Serena Williams is the Queen. She is the Queen of the Tennis Court. The Queen of Winning. The Queen of Grace and Composure. The Queen of Slaying. The Queen of Everything. That’s not up for debate and isn’t in question. Unfortunately, rather than let her reign peacefully in her supreme glory, there are people hell-bent on trying to dim her shine. When she announced last year that she was engaged to Alexis Ohanian, Hoteps and Noteps alike offered their unsolicited, irrelevant opinions. They offered these opinions as if they would make Serena change her mind about who she would marry. This week after Serena announced that she was “with child,” Ilie Nastase felt the need to offer his ignorant commentary on the miracle growing in her womb. Rather than bow down at the realization that this woman claimed her SEVENTH Australian Open while pregnant, he race baited his way into the headlines.

Her entire career, naysayers, haters, lames and tired fools have tried unsuccessfully to knock her crown off of her head. Aren’t they worn out from their futile, uncreative efforts? Haven’t they gotten the memo that Serena Williams will reign forevermore?Newsflash, people. Serena Williams and her glory are going nowhere. She is a talent and a force to be reckoned with all her own. Her crown is on her head, not because anyone else’s opinions or hard work put it there, but because she painstakingly earned every jewel and every gem. For that reason, no matter what she decides to do in life, she will always leave a trail of golden Queen dust behind her. Negative opinions and digs won’t stop her. So here’s some advice, leave her alone or join #TeamSerena and be showered in her glory. Either way, her shine won’t stop.



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