The New GladiatHers®

In 2013, was founded as a space to discuss and uplift women in sports. Over the years we have highlighted, interviewed and analyzed many women in sports and the plethora of issues that they are constantly bombarded with. We have proudly taken part in a movement to elevate the conversations surrounding women in sports and to encourage more girls and women to be involved in sports.

Four years later, women in sports still deserve our attention but we’ve come to realize that everyday women do too. Everyday women need to be empowered, uplifted and motivated. Everyday women need help navigating life’s challenges and developing the tools to be the strong, confident women they are destined to be.

So is proud to announce that it’s embarking on a new journey; a journey that will go beyond women in sports and embrace and engage all women. All women have the power to discover and walk in their destined greatness. All women have the power to lead. All women have the power to push past adversity and failure. All women are GladiatHers®.

We hope that you’ll stick around for this new phase in our story. We’ll still be sharing the stories of women in sports but we’ll also be showing women how they can unlock the GladiatHers® within them; how they can walk in their purposes, lead in their communities and be fearless and bold. Stay tuned and thanks so much for being on the journey thus far!