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Tonight’s the night that Venus and Serena Williams, for the 27th time, take the court as sisters and opponents.  The 2015 U.S. Open will be the stage for the continuing rivalry for two of the greatest, most influential athletes the sport has ever seen.  While it has never been easy for the extremely close and talented sisters to play against one another, this 27th meeting might be a bit more difficult and stressful than their previous meetings.  This time Venus faces Serena as Serena attempts to make history by becoming the first singles player, since Steffi Graf in 1988, to win the calendar Grand Slam.  So if Venus (who has been battling illness, injury, age and rumors of retirement) wins this match she won’t just be making another semifinal of a major, she’ll be denying (at least for one more year) her sister the opportunity to accomplish a pretty amazing feat.  While Serena doesn’t think winning the Grand Slam will define her career, I’m sure she’s not interested in letting her big sister stop her shine.  Their desire to win every time they step on the court should ensure that fans get a great show and that the best player will be represented in the semifinals.  

I certainly can’t wait to watch these two battle it out on yet another world stage.  In fact, if you happen to be watching too, hit me up on Twitter (@SportyEsquire​) during the match and we can chat it up! In the meantime, take a look at a glimpse of the history of the Venus v. Serena rivalry*.


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