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Yesterday GladiatHers™ was on hand to see the Minnesota Lynx be recognized at the White House for being the 2015 WNBA Champions. It was the third time in five years that they made the journey; such an incredible feat that it prompted the Leader of the Free World to ask just whose house we were in?! WNBA greats Maya Moore, Lindsay Whalen, Seimone Augustus and Coach Cheryl Reeve were on deck with their teammates and coaching staff with a level of excitement and graciousness that showed they truly appreciated the caliber of their accomplishment and the moment they were apart of.


President Barack Obama offered his sincere congratulations and expressed his genuine support for the WNBA and the Lynx. He gave a brief recounting of the challenging road that the women had to travel to claim their title and applauded the women for their tenacity. While commending Moore for being willing to play in the League despite not earning the large salaries that men in the NBA earn, Obama let the room know that it was absolutely nothing wrong with expecting to get paid the same for doing the same work. Sounds like equal pay is the way for our President.

Following the ceremony, Moore, Whalen and Coach Reeve stuck around for a brief Q & A where they also showed off their spectacular rings. When asked about how it felt to be a part of the WNBA’s 20 at 20, Moore and Whalen stated that although they didn’t set out with expectations to make any lists, they both were moved by the honor and didn’t take it lightly. They each acknowledged that they surrounded by a league and history filled with talented, dedicated women who all deserved recognition. Not to be out humbled by her players, when asked about the key to her success as a coach, Reeve gave all the credit back to the women who played for her; stating that she was blessed to have exceptionally talented and coachable players. Coach Reeve also applauded President Obama for being one of the few leaders who truly believed in and supported the League and even offered him first crack at owning the Lynx when his time is up in 2017.


The Lynx are the definition of champions. They embody the perfect combination of talent, a will to win and an understanding that they have an impact on others and the future of women’s sports. Although they are no longer undefeated this season, the Lynx are commanding the court and seem primed to make another appearance in the Championship game this year. Stay tuned to see what happens in Minnesota this summer.


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