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The Women of the College Football National Championship

In the weeks leading up to the College Football National Championship we’ve heard and read a TON about the offenses, defenses, coaches, players and percentages of the Clemson Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide. And rightfully so, the teams are setting us up for a National Championship for the record books. These men have worked extremely hard for the opportunity to play for a National Championship, so they deserve all the coverage they get. But there are some people we haven’t heard much about who have also played important roles in getting these teams to the National Championship. There are many, many people behind the scenes who work to help keep the machines that are Clemson and Alabama football running smoothly and successfully. They’re in recruitment, development, athletic training and management and without them, victories aren’t possible. Unbeknownst to many, a number of these crucial positions are held by women. In preparation for tonight’s showdown on the gridiron, we thought it only fitting to give a shout out to just a few of women who’ve help bring Clemson and Alabama to Tampa Bay, FL.

Athletic Training/Nutrition

Lisa Chan – Clemson – Director of Sports Nutrition


Chan is a registered dietician who earned her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Texas and her master’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida. While Chan oversees the dietary needs of all of Clemson’s student-athletes, a great deal of her focus is set on keeping the football team healthy by providing meal plans for each player and instruction on healthy eating. Without Chan’s direction, Clemson football players might not have what it takes to make it through hours of grueling practices and games.

Amy Bragg – Alabama – Director of Performance Nutrition


At the time she began her career at Alabama, Bragg was only the eighth full-time nutritionist in NCAA Division I collegiate athletics.  But since the very beginning she has shown her value to the Crimson Tide’s football team.  Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in human nutrition and foods from the University of Houston, Bragg develops meal plans for the team that are nutritional and motivate the student-athletes to maintain healthy eating habits.  She is sure to tailor dietary plans to the specific needs and goals of each player, taking into consideration things like injury, fitness goals and personal preferences.  Without Bragg, the Tide might not roll so smoothly.

Academics/Player Development

Allison Waymyers – Clemson – Director of Career & Professional Development


Waymyers is a key player in helping Clemson’s football players have well-rounded lives and find success on and off the football field.  She is partly responsible for the development and execution of Clemson’s one-of-a-kind player development initiative, P.A.W. (Passionate About Winning) Journey by leading the 5th Quarter Program which focuses on career and professional development. Prior to working at Clemson, Waymyers worked with the NBA, the NFL and the Augusta Golf Club.  She sees herself as a change agent who transforms the lives of men by strategizing their trajectory of success.  Her ultimate goal is to empower Clemson’s student-athletes to thrive off the field in the biggest game of all…life.

Fern Hampton – Alabama – Assistant Director, Athletic Student Services


Fern Hampton helps student-athletes find academic success in a way that comes natural to them, through competition.  Every year the student-athletes at Alabama compete for the highest team grade point average.  While the football team might not have THAT title, without Hampton and others’ assistance in keeping the student-athletes academically eligible, they wouldn’t be able to play for the National Title later tonight.


Jessica Carroll – Clemson – Recruiting Operations Coordinator


If it’s one thing you need to make it to the National Championship in Division I NCAA Football it’s great talent.  You get great talent with great recruiting.  Carroll is responsible for helping Dabo Swinney acquire the great talent he needs to form a winning squad.  Specifically she helps implement the “Clemson Google,” a recruitment strategy the looks beyond talent to find student-athletes who fit Clemson’s culture by analyzing social media interactions and general behavior.  If Carroll doesn’t help the Tigers get the “Clemson Google” down right, there’s no chance at a National Championship.

Ashleigh Kimble – Alabama – Assistant Director, Player Personnel


When it comes to getting the recruitment game right, Kimble seems to have it down pat.  In her role she’s responsible for acing the coordination, planning, and management of events associated with recruiting, football operations and NFL scouting.  She assists with organizing and managing recruitment visits, staff work schedules, compliance logs and other player development needs.  In short she helps bring excellent talent to the Crimson Tide and helps the special talents reach the next level of play; she’s essential to the program.

As you enjoy tonight’s game, don’t forget these and the countless other GladiatHers® who help bring the thrill of college football to you every year.


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