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Week before last I helped you ask yourself some tough questions designed to determine if you are walking in your purpose. If you learned that you aren’t, it’s time to figure out why. Sometimes asking why has a philosophical purpose, but today we’re asking why for a very practical reason. And answering the why will hopefully lead us to the how. How can you go from not walking in your purpose to running full speed in it. So first, why aren’t you walking in your purpose?

You’re Afraid

Fear is a helluva drug. It can stop you, dead in your tracks, from pursuing greatness. It makes obstacles seem bigger and more insurmountable than they really are and allows you to make excuses for not taking chances. Are you allowing your fears of failure, disappointment, embarrassment or the unknown (for example) stop your pursuits? If you are, know that none of those things hurts in reality as much as they hurt in your imagination. They’re all survivable and no reason to deny yourself the opportunity to fulfill your destiny.

You’re Doubtful

Newsflash, we ALL have insecurities and doubts. They’re a part of our existence as flawed humans. Yours do not make you special or disqualify or excuse you from walking in your purpose. People who live their purpose-filled lives do so everyday in spite of theirs. So it’s high time you get over the doubts you have about yourself, your talents and your dreams.

You’re Lazy

Let’s keep it 100, you might not be walking in your purpose because you’re being lazy. Maybe you have identified your purpose and don’t want to put in the work required to change directions. Maybe you’re so lazy you don’t even want to take the time to even think about what your purpose could be. If this is you, com’n you can do better than this. I promise the work is worth it.

You’re Distracted

There are a million and one things that can distract you from your purpose. Social media, friends, family, work, partying…I promise the list is endless. You might have the desire to discover and/or fulfill your purpose, but you haven’t taken the time to quiet those distractions. If you’re really ready for a change, consider getting rid of some of those distractions so you have time to focus on your future, purpose-living self.


You’re Stubborn

It’s time for another honest moment. Some of us are just stubborn. Once we choose a course of action or make a decision, we’re going to stick to it no matter how futile, wrong or painful it is. That’s just ridiculous. You don’t have to be stubborn, that’s a choice. You’re allowed to change your mind, your direction and your voice when things aren’t working out the way you know they should. And you absolutely should exercise that right. Stop being stubborn and try doing things differently.

You’re Clueless

None of us is born with a road map to fulfilling our purpose. So that means that at some point(s) we have all been clueless about how to get there. If you don’t know how to identify or move forward in your purpose; that’s ok. But now that you know what you don’t know, it’s time to do something about it.

You’re Scarred

We’ve all made mistakes, failed at something or had a bad experience. Those things leave scars on our hearts, minds and spirits. Sometimes those scars are so big that they become painful reminders of our pasts and stop us from fulfilling our destinies in the future. If your scars are holding you back, it’s time that you start looking at them as lessons and character builders that will actually help reach your maximum potential.

You’re a Perfectionist

Are you waiting for the perfect time to start or walk away from something? Are you waiting for you to become an expert before you show the world your gift? Well you need to get over the waiting game because if you’re waiting on perfection, you’ll be waiting a lifetime. You’re never going to be perfect and there will never be a time when everything in your life is perfectly aligned. And that’s ok because your greatness exists in spite of your imperfections. Walking in your purpose doesn’t require everything to be perfect, just that you be courageous enough to take the first step.

Did I strike a nerve with any of these? If you’re waiting on perfection, scarred, clueless, stubborn, distracted, lazy, doubtful or afraid, it’s time for you to let go and overcome what’s stopping you from walking in your purpose. Sign up for our newsletter by clicking here!


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