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This month’s GladiatHer™ Wives feature is pretty awesome, but you already know that because all of our GladiatHer™ Wives are pure dopeness. Her name is Sarah Brown and she is a prime example of what it means to live a balanced, well-rounded life. She serves others while taking care of herself, sees that life is deeper than what’s on the surface and aspires to have an impact on society. She’s a true inspiration, and I hope you all enjoy learning about her as much as I did!

Thanks Sarah for your time. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

My name is Sarah Brown and I am originally from Colorado, but from the 6th grade my family and I lived in New Hampshire. I currently live in New Jersey with my husband, Chykie Brown, a veteran cornerback with the Cincinnati Bengals, and our two daughters, Jada and Dakota. I went college at Arizona State University where I studied dance education and journalism. Go Sun Devils!

You studied dance, so you obviously have a connection to sports outside of your husband. Tell us about that.

Yes. I have always been athletic and into sports. My grandfather was a lawyer who represented professional athletes and he was a professional golfer, so I grew up around sports and athletes. But dance is the sport that I fell in love with. Some people laugh and say dance is not a real sport; but it’s more than just a sport, it’s a physical expression of art through movement. I challenge anyone with that mindset to spend a week at the Boston Conservatory of Dance and see if they still don’t think it’s a sport. I did a summer intensive there and later decided that the program at Arizona State was the best fit for me. I majored in dance and specialized in Ballet, Modern and Hip Hop. I went on to teach dance in elementary schools and studios and taught fitness classes at gyms. I also recently got into boxing. My husband and I really love going to boxing together. I’m addicted now. Sports are my thing.


Whoa, from ballet to boxing…I like! What kind of impact has being so heavily involved in sports had on your life?

Sports have impacted my life in a huge way. I have struggled with anxiety my whole life and being involved in athletics really helped me cope with that. When I have a long day with the kids my escape is the gym. And dancing has impacted my life on so many levels. I was blessed to teach children and adults and each person I met through dance has inspired me in different ways. Now, because of Chykie, we live and breathe football. My life would not be the same without sports.’

Based on your involvement in sports why would you say it is important for girls and women to be involved in sports?

I think it is incredibly important for women to be involved in sports. I think that women who participate in sports are extremely disciplined. It takes determination, and hard work to succeed in any sport. From a young age girls who participate in sports are taught to work as a team, use leadership, follow rules and persevere. Trying different sports allows girls to find their strengths and overcome weaknesses. Women who are involved in sports are well-rounded. I also think it is important for women to break through the misconception that only men can do certain things.

It’s clear that you love and support sports, but what else are you passionate about and what kind of impact do you hope to have in this world?

I am a firm believer in Christ and passionate in my faith. As a believer in Christ I know it is my duty to share with others our love for God and all his blessings. When my husband retires I hope to go on different mission trips, and hope to bring people closer to God. I am also extremely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I think it is important that people take time out of their day to get engaged in something physically challenging. I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes too. And last but not least, I really love being a mom and a wife.


What kind of plans to do have that will allow you to walk in your passions?

Right now, I am a stay at home mom so I’m focused on instilling certain values in our girls despite the frequent moving that’s required of professional sports families. But I am eager to get back into the work place as soon as my girls are old enough to go to school. I have always worked teaching dance and working at different studios and gyms so we’re working with a few ideas around opening a combined football and yoga/dance training center. I also have been thinking about going back to school for real estate. With all the moving we have done, I have grown an increase interest in and knowledge about the real estate business.

Right now, we’re sharing our passion for helping people by always being involved in our community. My husband does a lot of football camps with former or current teammates during the offseason. During the holidays we always participate in turkey drives, toy drives and different community out reach programs.


You’re planning to use real-life experiences to touch others. I love it. People don’t always think of athletes’ wives as being business-minded and forward thinking. What other stereotypes are you proving wrong?

There are a lot of stereotypes associated with being a wife of a professional athlete. Most people think we have very “easy” lives and we get handed everything. That is very far from the truth. It really makes me cringe when I watch shows like Basketball Wives and WAGS because they feed into the stereotypes that the wives wear all designer clothes and just gossip with each other all day. However, I pride myself in being a woman of God, a mother, and a wife. I work hard everyday to raise my children. I usually do so without any help from family or friends because we move so much. We are also breaking the “norm” by being an interracial family. My husband is African-American and I am Italian. We’re proud to be a culturally-blended family.

And that’s absolutely what GladiatHer Wives is all about. We want to show that world that you all have so much more to offer than reality TV. How can our readers follow you on your journey as a Christian, mother, wife, dancing queen and future entrepreneur?

On Instagram my handle is LosassoBrown and on Facebook I’m Sarah.Losasso.

Thank you, Sarah, for your time and for sharing your story with us. It’s always refreshing to see women in sports who are just as dedicated to their roles in their families as they are dedicated to leaving their imprint on the outside world. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for what’s next from Mrs. Brown!


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