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GladiatHers® Spotlight: Anna Karefa-Johnson — Overtime, Director of Events and Experiential Marketin

This week our GladiatHers® Spotlight is coming to us from the West Coast! Anna Karefa-Johnson is currently the Director of Events and Experiential Marketing at Overtime, the fastest growing sport network for the next generation. As Director of Events & Experiential Marketing, she is responsible for orchestrating Overtime’s IRL (in real life) presence and leads the strategy, development and execution of brand event programs. In her role Anna concepts and creates ways to bring Overtime’s brand to life through experiences.

Prior to becoming the awesome Community Engagement and Experiential Marketing Professional that we see today, Karefa-Johnson studied at the University of Southern California. As a teenager, she set her heart out on attending USC solely based off of her favorite move Love & Basketball. Not only did she make that happen, her career path is a testament to her making her dreams into reality. Karefa-Johnson also received her Masters in Sport Industry Management from Georgetown University.

No rookie to the game, her extensive background in sports began early on with experiences working with the Los Angeles Lakers, NFL Players Association, and Baltimore Ravens, just to name a few. Her resume does not stop there. Karefa-Johnson served as the Event Marketing Manager for UMCA Sports, Director of Marketing for PAC-12 Conference, Community Outreach Manager for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Senior Director of Brand Experience & Marketing for the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality before landing at Overtime.

The GladiatHer® is a strong, smart, dedicated woman who gives her all at home, at work and in her community. There is no stopping the GladiatHer®. There is no stopping Anna! She is passionate about the intersection of sports, community impact and social change. Karefa-Johnson represents what being a GladiatHer® is all about. We are excited to highlight Anna Karefa-Johnson on this week’s edition of GladiatHers® Spotlight.

You can connect with Anna on LinkedIn at


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