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GladiatHers® Spotlight: Stacy Griner — Franchise Owner of Kika Stretch Studios, Atlanta

Life is Short, Stretch it Out! This week’s GladiatHers Spotlight is Stacy Griner, Franchise Owner of Kika Stretch Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Kika Stretch Studios was founded by Hakika Wise in 2011 in Montclair, New Jersey as the first assisted stretching studio concept. In 2018, when Wise began franchising, the midtown Atlanta Studio now run by Griner was the second studio to open.

This GladiatHer isn’t afraid to take chances to forge her own path. Griner left the corporate world due to burnout which left her with a burning desire to want to help others take care of themselves. At Kika Stretch Studios she is dedicated to providing holistic healing services to clients that not only stretches them physically but also mentally and spiritually.

A session at Kika Stretch Studios definitely comes in handy when competing in the Ironman Boulder Triathlon which our GladiatHer Spotlight accomplished in 2016. She prevailed through tough training and finished the race successfully. Outside of finding joy in helping others this is one of the accomplishments Griner is most proud of.

With Griner’s leadership, Kika Stretch Studios Atlanta will continue to provide the best one-on-one private assisted stretching sessions focused on releasing tension and pain from the body through assisted stretching services. The Kika Method of assisted stretching not only improves flexibility, but it also helps to stimulate blood circulation, enhance productivity, mental clarity and improve the quality of your sleep.

To learn more about holistic healing and the services offered at Kika Stretch Studio visit the website

Also, don’t’ forget…Life is Short, Stretch it Out.


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