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Jeanie Buss Becomes the First Female Owner to Win an NBA Championship

Following Sunday night’s victory against the Miami Heat for the 2020 NBA Championship Title, Jeanie Buss becomes the first female controlling owner to lead an NBA franchise to a championship. Buss took over as the controlling owner, serving as the Los Angeles Lakers President in 2017. The Lakers win on Sunday is marked by many milestones, including this major accomplishment.

Buss is one of four women in the league who own their franchise outright. Gayle Benson of the New Orleans Pelicans, Gail Miller who owns the Utah Jazz organization and Jody Allen owner of the Portland Trailblazers.  

Buss had been a part of championship runs before but this time was different. Facing adversity over the years from the death of her father, the loss of Kobe Bryant, leading an organization through a pandemic, and years of critique and controversy, Buss was able to prevail and stay committed to winning a championship. Now, not only has she done that but she has made HERstory in the process.

Sharing a tweet from how it started, to how it’s going, Buss deserves to be celebrated! After more than 70 years without a woman winning a title as principal owner, Jeanie Buss has written her own inspiring chapter in the great Laker history.


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