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Liv. Run. Soar. GladiatHers® Partners with VCPM, Inc to Sponsor Women of Color to Become Certified R

There is NO limit to what we are capable of achieving. As women we are examples to the young girls in the world whether they are directly or indirectly a part of our lives. With this mission in mind along with the goal to empower women Vanessa C. Peralta-Mitchell, owner of VCPM, Inc. is creating opportunities for women of color in running.

Peralta-Mitchell is driven by her mother who came here from Ecuador with her father; both with big goals and bigger dreams. Yet that all changed when her mom chose matrimony and motherhood over herself. Putting her desires on hold to fulfill her roles as mother and wife she never actually got to fulfill her dreams. As the years passed and the kids grew up and moved out, her mom had trouble moving on. Her mother couldn’t help but think of all those goals she sacrificed. In this moment of realization, she passed the baton of knowledge to empower Vanessa to live out her dreams.

In support of women empowerment and diversity in running, GladiatHers® has partnered with VCPM, Inc. to sponsor women of color to become certified run coaches. We are aiming to sponsor 5 women to earn their run coach certification! Although women of color make up a significant portion of the running population, they are underrepresented as certified run coaches. Increasing the number of women of color who are certified will diversify the running world, build community leaders, and improve the health and wellness of the young girls of color. We are asking you to help us grow the reach of women of color by donating today!! Send your donations to $GladiatHersWomen on CashApp. No amount is too big or too small! 

Whether you’re a woman in the corporate world, a woman who owns her own business, a woman who is a mom or a woman who’s just trying to figure it all out. With VCPM, Inc. and GladiatHers® this moment, this mission is about empowering women with movement and messages beyond the pavement. We appreciate all efforts and support in helping us achieve our goal.


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